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The following FAQ and answers are all related to keys, locks and their problems! Take a look to handle issues easier

Why go through lock and key trouble just because you don't know how to avoid simple issues! Check out the answers we provided to the following frequently asked questions concerning keys, security issues and locks and more

Why can't I remove the key from the lock?

The key is stuck and there are various explanations for that problem. One of the most common reasons for such issues according to our experts is that the key is bent. Key imperfections won't match the pins in the lock and you can't remove it. You'll be faced with the same problem if the door locks are dirty, hardly lubricated or frozen. If the key is okay, have the lock repaired.

Why doesn't the door lock?

If the cylinder is loose and other inner lock parts are damaged, the bolt won't be pushed all the way out. Keep the door open and check that the bolt comes out alright and meets the little hole in the strike plate. In a different case, the bolt must be aligned. If we assume that you are using the right key and insert it all the way in the lock, it's definitely a lock issue that should be taken care of as soon as possible.

When should I call a locksmith?

A locksmith company should be called whenever you have a problem with a locking device, or a key. Our locksmith technicians are knowledgeable in many all the different facets of the locksmith industry. Whether you need our services at your home, office, car, or institution, we have the knowledge, experience, and tools to handle practically any lock or key situation and guarantee your 100% complete satisfaction.

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